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Enhanced Assisted Living Certification In New York

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Enhanced Assisted Living Certification in New York May Help Seniors Avoid A Nursing Home

In New York (including Westchester County), there is a relatively new Department of Health certification that an assisted living residence may obtain in order to serve seniors that no longer meet the admission/retention criteria for the residence's current license. The enhanced assisted living certification may allow for individuals to live in the assisted living residence even if they need another person to assist them to walk, transfer, descend stairs, or operate medical equipment. In some cases, the certification also authorizes the assisted living provider to use their own licensed or registered nurse staff to provide nursing services. A senior living community that holds an enhanced assisted living license is able to offer a full spectrum of clinical support and may be a good alternative in lieu of a nursing home. As a result, the resident may have the opportunity to age-in-place and your loved one may not have to move out of the community to a nursing home to get their increased health care needs met. Currently, there is no public assistance funding (i.e. Medicaid) available to help consumers pay for enhanced assisted living services.

assisted living westchesterIf a resident reaches a point where they require 24-hour skilled nursing care, the resident may remain at the residence only if each of the following conditions is met: - Resident hires appropriate nursing, medical, or hospice staff to care for increased needs; - Resident's physician and home care agency both determine and document that, with the provision of such additional nursing, medical, or hospice care, the resident can be safely cared for in the residence, and would not require placement in a (hospital, nursing home, etc.); - Operator agrees to retain the resident and to coordinate the care provided by the operator and the additional nursing, medical, or hospice staff; and - Resident is otherwise eligible to reside at the residence.

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