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Paramount Realty as Seller's Agent

Helping Owners Sell Their Homes

Our goal is to market and demand top dollar for your home, which is usually the largest asset of a homeowner. We have the experience, expertise and enthusiasm that enable us to market and sell homes in a way that benefit owners looking to sell their homes.

The Process

The first thing we do is evaluate the home and see how it compares to other homes for sale in the immediate area. In addition to providing a comparative analysis of the sale prices of homes that have recently sold in the area, we suggest that homeowners visit a couple of homes for sale to get a feel for what the competition is offering and to see how their own homes compare. This allows us to determine a price that reflects current market trends and often gives the homeowner greater confidence in establishing an asking price.

Homeowners really have only one chance to effectively price their homes, and this occurs when it goes on the market for the first time. The level of interest of potential buyers and realtors is highest when the property comes on the market as a new listing. A property that is “under-priced” will attract a significant amount of interest by potential buyers, and most often this will result in multiple offers and a sales price above the asking price. A property that is priced at market value will attract a fair amount of interest and will often result in a couple of offers and probably will sell for around the asking price. On the other hand, a property that is “over-priced” will usually not attract any interest and result in no offers at the asking price. This usually results in the home sitting on the market for a considerable amount of time, which may require the homeowners to lower the price accordingly. Depending on the circumstances of the homeowners, we will discuss the most appropriate approach and create a strategy to accomplish your particular needs and goals.

Helping to Make Your Home Outshine the Competition

After visiting your home, we are able to offer suggestions on making the home show itself in a more favorable light to potential buyers. We offer our advice on how a home should be “staged” in order to encourage potential buyers to submit offers. We can also provide the contact names of professionals who offer additional logistical services to handle assignments requiring greater needs.


We make suggestions on whether or not certain repairs or improvements should be undertaken. Generally, major repairs, such as adding rooms or completely remodeling a home don’t allow owners to totally recoup the expenses incurred. On the other hand, minor repairs can be done with little cost and most often offer over 100% returns on the investment. We discuss strategies with the homeowner as to what improvements, if any, should be considered. We also make suggestions on minor improvements that can enhance the “Curb Appeal” of your home so that potential buyers would be more eager to step inside your home and submit an offer.

Marketing Your Home

Our goal is to sell your home by exposing it on many different platforms, including on the Internet, conducting open houses and advertising in newspapers and other sources.

Evaluating Offers

We advise our clients of all offers and discuss a strategy to maximize each home’s value in order to benefit the homeowner. We evaluate each offer with clients and advise them on how each offer should be handled in order to accomplish the goals they established.

Co-Op Experience

We have experience representing sellers of co-op apartments in New York City and elsewhere. We are able to facilitate the process of securing all necessary approvals from the board and following-up on all pending applications with the co-op’s managing agent.

Expert Negotiators Working for You

Our background and training as transactional attorneys have allowed us to become expert negotiators. We have significant experience negotiating on behalf of clients and serving as effective advocates to get very favorable deal terms for them. We have established a variety of negotiation strategies that have exceeded our clients’ expectations. As your broker, you will benefit from our expertise in this critical aspect of the home selling process.

Accepting the Offer and Signing Contracts

Throughout the process, we are engaged with the homeowner to ensure that the sale is moving forward and on the right path towards closing. We make ourselves accessible and available to clients to answer any questions that may arise during the process and pride ourselves for delivering exceptional service, since we greatly value our relationships with clients.

Closing and Beyond

We facilitate each closing with the goal of ensuring a smooth and seamless process towards closing the sale. We also serve as a resource for our clients who may need the assistance of other professionals, including attorneys, financial advisors and movers.


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