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Enhanced Assisted Living in New York

An enhanced assisted living certificate means a certificate issued by the Health Department which authorizes an assisted living residence (ALR) to provide aging in place by admitting and retaining residents who desire to continue to age in place and who:

  1. Are chronically chairfast and unable to transfer, or chronically require the physical assistance of another person to transfer;
  2. Chronically require the physical assistance of another person in order to walk;
  3. Chronically require the physical assistance of another person to climb or descend stairs;
  4. Are dependent on medical equipment and require more than intermittent or occasional assistance from medical personnel; or
  5. Have chronic unmanaged urinary or bowel incontinence.

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Aging in place means care and services at a facility which possesses an enhanced assisted living certificate, which to the extent practicable within the scope of services set forth in the written residency agreement, accommodates a resident’s changing needs and preferences in order to allow such resident to remain in the residence as long as the residence is able and authorized to accommodate those current and changing needs. A residence that does not possess an enhanced assisted living certificate shall not be deemed able to accommodate a resident’s needs if the resident requires or is in need of either enhanced assisted living or 24-hour skilled nursing care or medical care provided by a hospital or residential health care facility.

A residence shall not accept nor retain any person who:

  • Except for certain limited circumstances, is in need of continual (24 hour) medical or nursing care or supervision;
  • Suffers from a serious and persistent mental disability sufficient to warrant placement in a residential facility;
  • Requires health or mental health services, which are not available or cannot be provided;
  • Causes, or is likely to cause, danger to himself or others;
  • Repeatedly behaves in a manner which directly impairs the well-being, care or safety of the resident or other residents, or which substantially interferes with the orderly operation of the facility;
  • Has a medical condition which is unstable and which requires continual skilled observation of symptoms and reactions or accurate recording of such skilled observations for the purposes of reporting to the resident’s physician;
  • Refuses or is unable to comply with a prescribed treatment program, including but not limited to a prescribed medications regimen when such failure causes or it likely to cause, in the judgment of a physician, life-threatening danger to the resident or others;
  • Is chronically bedfast; or
  • Suffers from a communicable disease or health condition which constitutes a danger to other residents and staff.

A resident of enhanced assisted living may receive health care services provided by staff directly employed by the enhanced assisted living residence or by a licensed home care agency. The enhanced assisted living operator may, but is not required to, obtain licensure or certification pursuant to Article 36 of the Public Health Law, to provide these health care services such as nursing, home health aide, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. If an enhanced assisted living  residence chooses to provide such services directly, then the operator must have policies and procedures comparable to the policies and procedures of a licensed home care services agency.  Personal care tasks that exceed the approved scope of tasks in which an assisted living resident aide is trained must be performed by a trained home health aides. In addition, an enhanced assisted living residence must provide or arrange for any necessary nursing services for its residents. Such services shall include but not be limited to assessment and evaluations; monitoring and supervision; nursing care and treatments; and medication administration and management.

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