Why is your service free?

We are pleased to offer our services at no cost to our clients since we may be entitled to receive a referral fee from the community selected by our clients.  We are committed to working in the best interests of our clients and will provide information on all suitable communities regardless of what we may receive as a referral fee.  We do not steer our clients to any particular residence or only those with which we have contracts.  We have no financial interest in any particular community, so we are able to act truly independent and unbiased during the entire process.

What do you do with personal and private information?

For Golden Years Living Solutions to help you, we do need to obtain personal and private information, including certain medical and financial information.  While we may keep your personal identification private, there may be times when we may need to discuss certain medical and financial information with prospective communities in order to determine whether or not a community is suitable for your particular needs.

Also, from time to time, a community might request the contact information of prospective residents.  We may provide this information if we receive assurances from a community that our clients will not be contacted without their prior consent.  We respect our clients’ right to privacy and don’t want them to be overwhelmed with solicitations from prospective communities since one of our goals is to make this process as stress-free for them as possible.

What are the advantages for using your service?

It’s a FREE service and by using our service you will save time and reduce your stress in trying to find the right residence. We will eliminate the following:  hours of your time researching (via phone and the internet) the details for each potential residence; waiting to receive brochures and information via mail; being bombarded by solicitations from prospective communities (including ones not suitable for your needs); waiting on returned messages and emails; setting up appointments and checking on availability; and traveling and touring residences that do not match your social, care and financial needs.  In addition, you will not have to go through this overwhelming process alone.  Our team will be available to assist you every step of the way.

How do I know whether to consider independent living or assisted living?

Independent communities are suitable for those who don’t require assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming and eating. Some independent living communities may offer additional services such as laundry or meals. Assisted living facilities will accommodate those individuals requiring more assistance with activities of daily living such as meals, bathing, dressing, grooming, medication management and may include around the clock nursing care. It is important to know that “assisted living” is not a government defined term so amenities offered by assisted living communities vary from community to community.  After we conduct our initial assessment, we will guide you by discussing the options available by the different residences and the benefits of such residence that apply to you or your loved one.