Let our senior lifestyle team assist you during this process…

Westchester NY Senior Care ResidenceAt Golden Years Living Solutions, our goal is simple: we provide  our clients with information in order to assist them in selecting a new senior residence.  Our knowledge and relationships with senior living communities provides seniors and their families with a valuable resource.   We understand that this transition may not be an easy one and we don’t want you and your family to feel like you are going through this by yourself.  Our team will be available to work hand-in-hand with you throughout the process.  During this often overwhelming period, our job is to assist you to find senior living arrangement that meets the needs, concerns and preferences of our clients.


Step 1 – Initial Consultation

A Senior Living Advisor will either meet with you in person or speak to you by phone to  gather information and discuss the process of transitioning to a new senior residence.   During the initial conversation, we learn about your care, financial, and geographical needs, as well as learn about personal preferences and social interests.  Our goal during this step is to gather information and to answer and address any questions and concerns you may have regarding the process.

Step 2 – Research and Recommendations

Following the initial conversation, we research our database of senior living facilities and external sources in order to identify 3 to 5 potential senior living options for the prospective resident.  Our goal during this step is to determine which senior living option may be able to meet the care needs and expectations of the family with regards to cost, location, amenities and activities.

Step 3 – Presentation and Discussion

We will present to you and your family (either on the phone, in person or via email) the 3 to 5 senior residences that we believe most closely matches your expectations and care needs.   We are available to address any questions or concerns you may have.  At this time, the family will decide which residences are worth exploring in more detail.

Step 4 – Residence Tours

After the family identifies the senior residences it would like to visit, we can schedule and coordinate on-site visits for the client and family.  Upon request, we can accompany you during the tours. Our goal during this step is to help you become familiar with the senior living options available so you can make a well-informed decision.

Step 5 – Post-Tour Discussion

After you visit and tour the suggested senior living residences, we are available to discuss your feedback, reaction, questions and concerns about the residences.

Step 6 – Moving in and Follow-Up

When a choice of senior residence is made, we are available to discuss the move-in procedures.    Prior to moving into a residence, the client will need to provide health and financial information, as well as undertake a health assessment.   Even after a residence has been selected, we are still part of your team and will continue to be available as a valuable resource with providing you with other services you may require, such as information on moving companies, real estate agents, elder law attorneys, and other senior resources.  After our clients move into their new homes, we will follow-up with the family to see how the new resident is adjusting to their new community.  Our goal is to continue our relationship with the family and client, and to assist with any concerns or questions that may arise in the future.